Sunday, October 14, 2007

What I did in traffic

Discussion 2: What I did with the Egyptians

Today we discussed the question, what wears you out and leads you to doubt God's presence in the world? We are, of course, talking about sin--sin, not so much as the moral failings of individuals, but shared sin that entangles all of us in bondage.

In our present context of fast-paced living in the consumer class, we often find ourselves desensitized to cries for help. We are too weary. We are stuck in traffic, as Laura Crowley suggested in our discussion.

We distance ourselves. We are culture of commuters. We drive in and we drive out. We lock the doors, roll up the windows, and consciousness goes somewhere else. We are enclose in our own vehicle and count others as in our way. Or at least we feel that others regard us only as obstacles in their way. We must all, however, move along with the traffic. We are driven to make it to work or to wherever it is we must go. But we get nowhere. Hours on the road, and we have little left for others, our families, communities, or strangers. We see the good there is to do, but we do not do it. We stifle our humanity every time we drive past the wounded in the street. We train our eyes on the green light. We are told by so many advertisements that we are in the driver's seat, but we are not. Our souls cry out. We ask where is God in all this.

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